Study Abroad

Why Malaysia ?!
- Affordable accommodation expenses.
- Affordable college fees.
- Accredited by the signatories of Washington's Agreement 1989, Australia, Canada, China, Taiwan, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, Sri Lanka.
- Could be accredited from the Higher Council of Universities in Egypt .

Required subjects for IGCSE students:
- Engineering/computer science: 5 O'levels (math, chemistry or physics and any other two subjects) grade C and above.
- For Medicine/Pharmacy/Dentistry: 5 O'levels (math, chemistry,physics, Biology and any other subjects) grade B and above.
- Business: Any 5 O'levels (math, chemistry or physics and any other two subjects) grade C and above.
- You may skip the foundation year if you have: 3 A level and 5 O level.

Tuition Fees Structure:
First Year (Foundation year) = 40,000 EGP for all majors

Major College No. of Years Fees per Year
Engineering 4 Start from 26,500 EGP
Business 3 Around 40,000 EGP
Medicine/Dentistry 5 120,000 EGP
Computer Scince 3 40,000 EGP
Pharmacy 4 80,000 EGP
N.B.: The no. of years in the above table is not including the foundation year.

How does it work ?!
1) Prepare the required documents.
2) Scan all the required documents and send it to us via email.
3) Wait for 1 week as a maximum till you receive your offer letter.
4) Follow the university offer letter.
5) Wait for 5 weeks till you receive your VISA approval letter.
6) Get your visa from the Malaysian embassy.
7) Get ready to travel to Malaysia !

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to chat with our live support to help you from the bottom of this page. If live support was offline, send us an e-mail to the address "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and we will answer your questions ASAP.