Private for All

The IGCSE is predominantly exam-based, meaning they are not actual certified "courses", but rather exams that test knowledge in individual subjects in the same way as Advanced Placement exams and SAT Subject Tests. For this reason, it is also a viable option for many home-schooling educators or in Adult education, when one is seeking a qualification but has no time to attend full-time school classes.

"Private for All" is a project brought to you by "Egypt IG Student Room" that aims to link IG students with qualified private teacher that can reach you in different and distant areas.

How it works ?
1- Register on our website for the subject you want to take privately (either alone or group of people or group of your friends)
2- Wait for our call confirming registration and gathering information about your free time when you can take your lesson.
3- Call you confirming the appointment of the first class.

What do you mean by Private Lessons ?
It means that you can have a totally private lesson by an IG teacher in your chosen subject at home or at any place. Either alone or with a group of friends or a group of people.

What if I did get this teacher way of teaching?
It's likely to happen that you do not like the way of teaching of this teacher. for not to make it embarrassing for you and for the teacher you just need to send us an email or Facebook message or call us and report your complain so that we can deal with the problem directly with the teacher so that we can fix the problem or we can let him not teaching you the subject anymore (but you need to know this after the first time only). you don't need to pay for the course from the first time as the first lesson is for free to make sure of the teacher's perfection and how good is he/she.

What are the fees of the course?
It depends from subject to subject and we will call you once you register on a specific course and tell you all details BUT make sure that it is really the cheapest service with the best private teachers. "Cheaper than Centers" and other private courses.

Let us introduce to you a few subjects that we are providing as a private lessons by perfect teachers with past experiences.